Friday, October 23, 2020
Vintage clip 1942 Oldsmobile "Sixty" B-44 Car Commercial. Public Domain.    
Vintage television advertisement for Studebaker automobiles from the 1950s. "Luxury you can afford!"
Fantastic 1987 Lotus Esprit Turbo HC in original Calypso Red with full magnolia leather. Part of the collection of great cars for sale with UK Sports Cars based near Canterbury in Kent. Sent in by Benzina Films, more infor at...
Jaguar E-Type 4.2 Series I (1969) available to hire from Sent in by Benzina Films. Do you want to send in a film? Find here more info about joining our initiative. More E-Type films? Check our Jaguar E-Type Dossier.
When was the last time you saw a 1950 Nash Rambler Landau TV commercial? The correct answer: Never. Never, that is, until now. Once again we burrowed into the Torq-O Media Archive (without disturbing the Balrog!) and pulled out the...
Commercial with Ferry Porsche. Shared by porscheg50 on YouTube.
A classic commercial for a classic car, the US version of the Ford Falcon. I took this from a digital copy I got of a 1966 TV series episode with original commercials (which take up about 4 minutes of...
Video duration:  1:57  Publisher: King Rose ArchivesIn 1989 Pontiac was bursting with excitement and still chasing the youth market. This dune buggy like concept car never made it past the auto show circuit but it showed there was still...
A classic commercial for the 1957 Studebaker models, including the Golden Hawk. Found in the adviews section of the Internet Archive (but placed in the wrong part of the section!) From MattTheSaiyan on YouTube.
Director: Daniel Warwick Production Company: Big Fish Agency: Jung von Matt Exec. Producer: Uwe Spiller Producer: Emilia Schardt DoP: Michael Schreitel (inspired by Marc Gomez del Moral) Production Design: Claudia Sembach Gaffer: Benjamin Dreythaler Editor: Marty Schenk Grading: Pana@Uncle Berlin

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