Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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Tag: Topolino

1959 Fiat Millecento – Jay Leno’s Garage

1959 Fiat Millecento. A mid-century Italian family car with the same MPG as a Prius » Subscribe: » Visit the Official Site: THE BEST OF...

1937 Fiat Topolino – Jay Leno’s Garage

1937 Fiat Topolino. Before the age of electric-hybrid engines and other fuel-efficient cars, there was Fiat's 1937 engineering marvel, the Fiat 500. » Subscribe: »...

This Fiat Topolino Zagato Is A Little Jewel

Video duration:  6:52  Publisher: Petrolicious“I love the aspect of handmade, I love the aluminum work…” says Scott Gauthier, “I love that every one of...

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