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Kay MacKenneth is the initiator of the Hangar 44 studio workshop. In Hangar 44 we would like to give you an insight into automotive restoration processes. We will show you various techniques in detail. From sheet metal processing to engine repair, rust repair, sandblasting to paint preparation to polishing or assembly and welding. All in all, we prepare detailed courses that explain step by step how restoration processes work.
We have been producing videos about classic car restoration and DIY in the Hangar 44 Studio for 10 years now. Many of the videos are already in use at large companies and training centers. Our goal is to preserve a craftsmanship around the technical cultural property for future generations.
To be able to expand this further in the future, we need your support on Patreon. Basically for keeping the lights on in our studio workshop.

With the Roadster tier, you will get exclusive content from Hangar 44. Instructional films for beginners and advanced. For the Pheaton tier, you´ll get intensive training sessions, eventual livestreams from the garage, e-books – and your name is mentioned as a patron in the credits. Once a year you get a very personal surprise from us.
I would be delighted if you would help us to get this very complex video magazine further on.
Of course there will also be a free program with videos from the workshop in the future.

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