We like Catawiki, not only because of their wide range of auctions but especially the Classic Car auctions. We have seen some great cars! From time to time we highlight one of the auction items which we think is great. We may do this because we love the type/model or we may think a current bid is attractive. In this case, we just love this 1924 Fiam (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili e Motori de Turín) Torpedo. Jump straight to Catawiki to view the details and more pictures.

80f72636-a421-11e6-8e65-10c954d19e64The only one?

It is very posibly the only preserved unit of around 200 units built by the “Fabbrica Italiana Automobili e Motori” in Turin. It has preserved absolutely all its original components and it has only had a light restoration more than 30 years ago.


All the existing documentation on the brand shows that production began in 1924, although they had been designed in 1921. However, this particular unit, has documentation and plates from 1921.

a3425a26-a417-11e6-8d52-b4ae6498a28eIt has its original two cylinder two stroke 706 c.c. to 2500 rpm engine. The front axle has a special suspension with double semielliptical crossbows in each wheel. It carries production number 155.


After being presented/displayed in the Milan salon of 1924, they were only built until 1927. The plate and paintwork, except for small details, is in very good condition. It has a beautiful convertible “Torpedo” type body with a single door with a rear “bordino end” , most likely a work of Marcello Alessio, who was the body builder of the brand.


It was originally sold in Spain, where it has remained since it was new. It still has its original Spanish plates of the time. The car drove for the last time in 2010 and since then it has been mounted on easels and emptied of fluids.

34d51830-a417-11e6-8989-91b46b6019f6The car is currently in Girona, Spain.

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