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HistoricRacingHD’s very identity is that it Keeps Legends Alive together with you. In essence, that refers to the fact that the cars you and I drive today, were made possible by all the (race) cars from a bygone era. So every contemporary car, has a bit of its predecessors in it, and every era in racing, laid the path to new developments in production cars. Sometimes even to the extent that top tier Le Mans race cars had to be based on road legal production cars. Technologies developed to make those automotive wonders the best they could be, slowly but surely seeped into the everyday driver’s car and it’s fairly safe to say that even the Toyota Prius, contains technology that seeped down from motorsport. In this episode of From The Archives, we’re going to be looking at the most iconic cars that raced in the history of Le Mans, which often times, are also the cars that were responsible for great automotive developments both in motorsport and consumer’s cars. Enjoy this last and incredibly fascinating episode of FTA as you experience the cars that shaped Le Mans throughout its history.

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About “From The Archives”: Back in December of 2012, HistoricRacingHD was formed. Its foundations were an undeniable passion for cars and the desire to share that passion with the world. Over the next years, HistoricRacingHD would redefine the online video world of Historic Race Cars, with a relentless focus on the sounds these stunning machines produce when they’re racing on the most iconic and legendary tracks of Europe. Since 2012, we, Robin Wouters and Arne Hintermaier (founders of the channel), have travelled far and wide to find the loudest, most striking, weirdest and most magnificent historic race cars to bring them to your screen. 2012, however, was a long time ago, meaning that over the years, we have built up a massive archive of videos featuring race cars from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s racing at tracks like Le Mans, Spa-Francorchamps, Dijon Prenois, the Nürburgring, Hockenheim, Goodwood, and many, many more other tracks. With “From The Archives” we aim to bring back the best of everything we have ever filmed, simply for your enjoyment. You’ll see, as the videos are released, that “From The Archives” is divided into a large array of topics, meaning that at some point, your own favourite topic will be featured. So, do you care to join us to dive deep into the HistoricRacingHD archives? Be sure to strap yourself in and hold on tight, cause this will be an epic journey! Make sure to add the FTA playlist to your favourites and subscribe to HistoricRacingHD with the bell notification active to see all future uploads of “From The Archives”!

Cheers, Robin & Arne

HistoricRacingHD’s goal: “The cars of today are made by those of the past. Together with you, we are able to keep those legends alive.”

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