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This week we bring you the BMW M1 once again. This time around it’s not standing in the paddock revving, nor is it racing on a circuit with mufflers (e.g. Spa Classic, sadly enough). It’s at the Nürburgring producing a sound which basically goes from combustion in the engine straight to an eardeafening sound in the outside world!

We already know the BMW M1 had a beautiful tone to its engine and exhaust but never did we expect that 6 cilinder goodness to scream like it did on the Green Hell. We’re very happy we can finally bring you guys this car in its purest shape and form. There were some BMW M1s present at the Spa Classic 2015 as well, of which we uploaded a video in the past, but those had mufflers and didn’t sound nearly as epic as these ones at the AVD Oldtimer Grand Prix.

We’re looking forward to all the cars 2016 will throw at us and hope to take you all along for the ride!

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