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For sale in our Atlanta Showroom is this 1970 Abarth 595. What it lacks in power and refinement it makes up for in character and likability. The Abarth 500 is an reverse-engineered VW Bug designed by Italians for Italians. But you don’t have to be from Italy to appreciate its glorious sound and adorable form. The Cinquecento is an acquired taste but, like most good things, once you have acquired a taste for them they become a part of you. Karl Abarth of Austria was born in 1908 and moved to Italy with his family just after World War I. His first car was built in 1928 at the age of only twenty. He was five times European Motorcycle champion during the 1930s. During this time, he designed his first exhaust system, which was later to become one of the specialties of the company that he founded in Italy in 1949. He was linked to manufacturers such as Porsche and Fiat. Along with being a brilliant engineer, Carlo was also a clever businessman. His affordable modified performance cars were ideal for the private entry racer. Through a sponsor partnership deal secured with FIAT, he was paid for very win or second place a FIAT-Abarth scored. In 1972, they claimed that the Abarth-modified cars had taken as many as 7,200 outright and class wins to date. With its Fiat 500-based 595, Abarth adopted the most cost-effective method for extracting power from the small engine. It was given a big-bore cylinder block that boosted capacity from 499 to 593cc. Higher-compression pistons, re-worked inlet ports, Abarth valve covers and air filter, a specific alloy sump, a special camshaft and exhaust system, and a larger carburetor helped raise power from 22 to 30bhp, though the biggest gain was in mid-range torque. The result of these modifications was a product that halved the standard car’s acceleration times and gave the 595 a top speed in excess of 80mph. Lowered suspension and wider wheels and tires helped the FIAT-Abarth utilize the increased performance. This car is amazing and fun to drive like no other. It is perfect for a collection or being unique at any car show. Everyone is amazed like when they walk into Dr. Who’s Tardis the first time, it is bigger in the inside than on the outside. To view the car in greater detail, including 100+ HD photos and HD video, please visit For more information please call the Atlanta showroom at 678-894-4833 or e-mail us at

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