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For sale in our Nashville showroom is a 1967 Morris Minor 1000. I’ll bet you don’t have one of these in your collection! This left hand drive Morris Minor for sale is just one of those cars that, no matter how hard you try, you just can not be grumpy in. Once behind the wheel of this Morris Minor convertible for sale a grin will appear on your face and on a sunny day that grin becomes a smile once you drop the top on this little British gem. This Morris Minor 1000 for sale is so British that it is wearing BRG or British racing green on the outside and Biscuit or tan on the inside. This little piece of British car culture is in “top nick” and runs as it should. The 1098cc engine pumps out a more horsepower than my blender at 49 horses and the four speed transmission is just right and as it should be. This marvel was the British equivalent of the German’s “peoples cars” as the Morris was so in demand in its time that over 105 million of them where produced between 1956 and 1971. I wish I knew how many of these were produced as left hand drive. So, if you live in the States here is a chance to make people ask you, “What kind of car is that?” and if you live in the U.K. you can amaze your friend with the Minor that has the steering controls on the wrong side. Just don’t pass up this chance to own this happy car. Options for this Morris Minor include: Manual convertible top, seat belts, vinyl interior, radial tires, hub caps and a constant smile. For more information about this Morris Minor call the Nashville showroom at 615-213-1800 or email us at

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